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Quality financial advice moves with you as you travel through life. From the early independent years, to enjoying the results of your life's work in retirement.

Good conversation – it is perhaps one of the most meaningful benefits of quality financial advice. Sitting down and really talking through financial goals, challenges, and everything in between, can be a truly rewarding process.

In our almost 40 years’ experience, time and time again we’ve seen good conversation deliver real understanding for our clients about what’s important to them. And because we’re there for the journey, we’ve seen how those conversations and priorities change through life.

It is not simply about the type of insurance you need or the KiwiSaver fund appropriate to your risk profile. It’s about having good conversations that deliver real understanding and sharing our knowledge to provide ongoing guidance through the various stages of life - and in doing so, helping our clients to make confident decisions for their financial life. Ready for a good conversation?

Where are you in your financial life?

Everyone is different - we have different goals and reach various milestones at different times in our lives. But broadly speaking, there are key stages in your financial life that bring with them new considerations and areas of focus.

Starting Out

The sooner the better. Even when young, independent and mortgage-free, giving your financial life care and attention is a savvy decision for your future – for your short-term goals, and long-term plans.
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Settling Down

A busy stage of life, Settling Down brings with it a number of new financial considerations: key amongst them getting the right protection in place and creating a savings plan for your financial security and future goals.
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Building & Growing

Still working hard but looking ahead and planning for your post-work life: In the years leading up to retirement, it’s time to optimise your financial achievements, and secure your retirement aspirations.
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Time to enjoy the post-work life you planned for. Retirement brings with it a new set of financial decisions – from day-to-day spending to managing income from assets and investments.
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A few few words from our clients

I have worked with Theresa for about 20 years in a business and personal environment. The products she represents I consider to be quality products and have offerings that others do not. The service she offers I have found to be faultless, and she delivers what she says she will. In particular, on my personal finances she has provided fantastic advice which I have accepted and to date has been positive results. She raises the negatives so one is aware, and always considers risk appetite of her client.

Theresa makes any process easy for her clients to action, often just a signature required after checking the detail completed by Theresa. Made my life and finances so much easier to manage and don’t have to spend time monitoring that I can be out and about enjoying retirement.
Helen W.
Theresa has overseen our life and income protection insurance portfolios for many years. She has a wealth of industry knowledge and life experience.

Last year, after receiving the news that my husband required treatment for a potentially life-threatening health condition, I phoned Theresa. Her response was both supportive and proactive. She always came to us and fitted in with our needs if paperwork or signatures were required. She kept us informed and provided the documentation and advice necessary to ensure that any claim requirements had been actioned efficiently and promptly from initiation stage through to payout.

Her personalized, but professional manner took pressure off us at a stressful time with the reassurance that she was working in the background to identify what we were eligible for and overseeing the entire claim process; checking in with us along the way to keep us updated and at times just to see how we were doing.
J & J.
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Regular reviews? Essential.

Life moves and changes at pace. And with it, your financial circumstances and needs. Regularly reviewing the tools you have in place to achieve and protect your goals, lifestyle, and loved ones is - quite simply - a must.

A Review is an ongoing opportunity, supported by quality advice, to ensure that your financial solutions are finely tuned to your needs.

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