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It’s never too early to take an active interest in your financial life – Here’s how we can help.

Protecting you and your goals

At the core, insurance is about protecting what's important to you. Often people think of this in tangible terms and wait until achieving milestones like home ownership before considering adding insurance to their financial tool-box. But this approach ignores the importance of protecting what you are working towards, but may not have quite yet achieved.

For example, if you were unable to work due to serious illness, what impact would this have on goals you are striving towards? Not a nice thought to consider, but nonetheless important, and it is these unexpected events that Health, Income Protection and other insurances are designed for.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of insurance when starting out, and to assess your needs, we welcome you to get in touch.

Savvy saving with KiwiSaver


So, you likely have KiwiSaver and are contributing regularly. But when was the last time you reviewed this powerful tool? Starting early with your KiwiSaver savings can be a huge advantage for both your first-home deposit savings and longer-term retirement goals.

And with that in mind, it makes sense to carefully consider how KiwiSaver is working for you and your needs. Are you getting the best from your KiwiSaver? Do you understand your investments funds, portfolios and tax rates? Could you be contributing more?

KiwiSaver is a powerful tool for your financial life. Need some help?

Start strong | Key tools for your financial life

This is not an exhaustive list, but for those starting out, here are some key tools for careful consideration - insurances designed to protect you, your family and your ever-changing future.

Life Insurance

Enables you to protect the financial future of your loved ones should the unthinkable happen.

Not nice to think about, but an important consideration for those who have people in their life that rely on them financially – a partner, spouse, children, business.

Provides a lump sum payment to help reduce debt such as mortgages, pay final expenses – funerals etc - and provide funds to assist with ongoing life.

Trauma Insurance

Provides financial support should you suffer a serious condition such as Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke etc as defined in your policy.

Allows you to reduce debt, assist with day to day living especially if your support person also must take time away from work – this allows you to concentrate on recovering without the extra stress of how you will manage financially.

Income Protection

Financial Protection for your greatest asset – your ability to work and earn an income.

Not nice to think about, but if you were unable to work due to a serious illness, would the loss of your income impact your financial future, savings and goals you and your family have been working towards?

Health Insurance

Helps to remove the worry around unexpected medical bills so you can focus on getting the right treatment and start your recovery sooner.

Provides you with faster access to Specialists and the best medical care without the worry of long waiting lists.

Peace of mind that you can get the treatment when you need it.


Are you making the most out of your KiwiSaver?  

Here at Hatton Financial Services we are advocates for the benefits of KiwiSaver and helping you to fully understand all the features and benefits and how to get the most from your KiwiSaver plan.

Our service is free and we are here to help you!

Review Service

Like to assess your needs - for your current circumstances and future goals?

We welcome you to book a Review - an opportunity to take stock of your financial life, needs and plans. During our review, we'll help you to assess your risks and insurance priorities, KiwiSaver goals, and investment and Superannuation options (where appropriate).


Time to review your needs and plans? We welcome you to get in touch. And in the meantime, here's some helpful food for thought...

Time to review your needs and plans? We welcome you to get in touch. And in the meantime, here's some helpful food for thought...

We’re fans of simply starting - starting the conversation about your financial life and how it can support you in achieving goals and getting what you want out of life. Here’s some food for thought - a brief (not exhaustive) checklist of sorts to help you begin the journey.

Building your Financial Savvy

In general terms, the younger you start to take a proactive interest in your financial life, the better. There are many reasons for this - tangible and intangible - but perhaps one of the most important is that building knowledge can drive financial awareness. Awareness leads to better understanding and confidence in your financial life. Are you taking time out on a regular basis to give your goals and financial life a health-check?

Your KiwiSaver

Are you taking a proactive interest? How well do you feel you understand this savings tool and how it can best serve your goals? Are you planning to use KiwiSaver for your first home deposit, and if so, are you on track to be eligible when the time comes? Looking further ahead, have you run the numbers recently to get a clear understanding of how much you think you will need for retirement and how you can make that happen?

Protecting Your Goals

As we mentioned above, it is common to overlook the need for insurance until big life milestones are on the horizon, but it is important to remember that insurance can provide cover not only for what you have, but also for where you are headed.

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